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We have designed the most comprehensive, personalized Sitecore Training on the market.

About 3CX

Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Patient

Having worked in all aspects of Sitecore from development to strategy, one thing we’ve learned is that patience is essential to extracting the greatest potential out of people and the Sitecore platform.

10 Years

Sitecore Experience


Sitecore Strategy MVP



About Ken & 3CX

2x Sitecore Strategy MVP!

My vision at 3CX is to make the complex world of Sitecore and digital experience, simple for both our customers and their end-users.

Working with your marketing and business stakeholders, 3CX can assist with personalisation enablement and Sitecore training on all key aspects of the Sitecore Experience Platform.

We are results and action-oriented. We leverage our global experience and data to create unique and personalized visitor experiences that drive business objectives and achieve measurable digital goals for our clients.

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Maximize Your Sitecore ROI

Go beyond the CMS and get more juice out of Sitecore by utilizing all of its integrated personalization, customer experience, and engagement tools. 3CX’s Sitecore Training services can get you there.

Personalization Enablement

Get set free from personalization paralysis with our proven quick wins. It’s easier than you think.

Visitor Journey Mapping

Use Sitecore Path Analyzer to optimize and help your customers find their way.

Email Experience Manager (EXM)

Need help with the setup of EXM or some segmentation training? We’ve got you covered.

Measure Campaign Success

Do more of what works by measuring and comparing campaign activities.

Marketing Automation

What if you could quickly scale your lead nurturing? With Sitecore you can, and we can help with the planning and configuration.

A/B Testing

Stop guessing and let your visitors tell you which call to action resonates more with them.

Understand Sitecore Experience Analytics

Let’s face it, Google has won the analytics game, but Sitecore Analytics can still serve a valuable purpose.

Track Goals and Events

Goals and events are great for providing personalized experiences for your visitors. After all, it is what they want.

With Whom We’ve Worked

Sitecore Training and Enablement Services

Sitecore Custom Training Courses

Your business and Sitecore training needs are unique and specific, so are our courses.

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Sitecore Quality Assurance Testing

For projects needing an extra set of experienced, detailed oriented, and Sitecore knowledgeable eyes, our QA professionals answer the call.

Get QA Help

Sitecore Personalization Enablement

Still not using Sitecore for the reasons you bought it? We can help.

Get More ROI


Sitecore Content Management Audit

Increase content production and efficiency with a review of your content management practices. We help optimize using industry best practices.

Improve the CM Experience

Sitecore Marketing Automation

You’ve got a lot to do, get more done, use your time wisely with marketing automation.

Scale Your Marketing

Sitecore Team Augmentation & Staffing Support

Have a deadline that just can’t be pushed? Add a talented, resource that can ramp up quickly. We’re ready and perform best under pressure.

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