Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day and every search represents someone who is looking for personalized content that will solve or answer a question they have.
Your ability to provide that answer (a.k.a. relevant content) in a timely manner can mean the difference in gaining a new lead or being passed over. In fact, with the demand for new relevant content growing daily, many organizations are facing a content crisis. How do we know? Simple, we observed and asked and here are some of the challenges they’re facing:

  • “We create large amounts of content, but we’re constantly missing deadlines”
  • “We know we have digital assets we could re-use but we’re often not sure where to find them”
  • “As a global, multi-lingual organization, a brand or message change leaves us scrambling to know which asset version is the right one”
  • “Our content team is small, and the increasing demand for creating fresh content is out-pacing our capacity”
  • “Our team is so large and spread out geographically that we spend more time coordinating tasks instead of getting them done”

If any of those sound familiar, you’re in the middle of a content crisis!

The Solution? DAM it.

Sitecore’s Content Hub is more than a DAM. It is a suite of tools that are seamlessly integrated into a single customer experience platform that empowers global content management and marketing teams to work in unison in a structured yet fluid way. Previously only Adobe Experience Manager could boast of a single platform for managing your assets and content. Now with Content Hub, Sitecore ups the ante and provides a robust set of features that enable the enterprise in its content production and publishing needs, at scale. The following are some highlights of the various tools found in Sitecore Content Hub.

Sitecore MRM™

Sitecore’s marketing resource management tool (Sitecore MRM™), allows you to coordinate large, geographically dispersed content teams and keep them focused throughout the content production process with workflows. That means no more dropped balls and missed deadlines.

Sitecore CMP™

Sitecore’s campaign management platform tool (Sitecore CMP™),

How this helps

quickly find and edit the assets you need, confirm that you have the right versions, and share them across your teams and channels with ease.

Work together better at a rapid pace

Smart tagging and automation

Reuse assets and always know you’re working with the right version

  • Large content volume without out proper workflow and oversight
  • Create once and use everywhere
  • Global changes to Brand easily updated
  • (Write another post on how to identify of you are in a content crises)
  • Content velocity is becoming increasingly important – but the key is also high quality so how do you do that at scale?