3CX Consulting Inc.

Corporate Values

3CX Consulting’s values are founded upon and rooted in Judeo-Christian beliefs.


Servant-leadership is a timeless concept. At 3CX we endeavour to build leaders and teams willing to serve each other and our customers selflessly. It fosters a culture of empathy, collaboration, and shared success, creating a harmonious work environment that thrives on mutual support and respect.


3CX strives to ensure that everyone is treated with equity, inclusivity, and has a balance of opportunities and resources. We encourage respect, responsibility, leadership, trust and living a life that makes a meaningful and positive impact.


Humility is the virtue of modesty and self-awareness. It involves acknowledging one’s limitations, learning from others, and showing respect. It fosters genuine connections, personal growth, and effective collaboration.


Fruitfulness is the measure of productivity and abundance. It signifies growth, prosperity, and the realization of potential. Having a fruitful mindset bears positive outcomes and contributes to overall success and fulfillment for our company, community, and customers.

Community Partners We Support

We take pride in being able to give back to our community and support organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others.

29 Roots Youth Employment Service is an Ontario-based non-profit organization. We undertake measures of operations to improve, the social imbalance between, employment training and workforce labor challenges.

Our mission as an institutional employment service is to support and service youth, and neighborhood improvement communities. With accessible employment development opportunities.

The purpose of our organization is to utilize the power of sports as a vehicle for educating and empowering youth on the values of leadership, healthy living, and athleticism.

SHIELD is an acronym for Sports Helping Individuals to Elevate, Lead and Dream.

Our Locations

  • Toronto & Mississauga, Ontario
  • Yarmouth & Windsor, Nova Scotia